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On November 10, 2000, following my son Erics graduation from MCRD, Parris Island, Eric mentioned he wanted a University of Parris Island bumper sticker. As a former Marine myself I had to laugh at the concept but saw it's potential. A year later the phrase was registered as a Trade Mark. Time passed, design concepts were discussed and a few shirts were produced.

On February 17, 2006 Eric, a Sgt. had only recently decided on a career in the Corps and was attached to Detachment Bravo with HMH-464 in Djabouti, Africa when he was killed along with seven fellow Marines and two Airmen. The Sgt. Mac Memorial Foundation was formed shortly thereafter with a mission to aid Marines, fellow servicemen and women as well as veterans.

All profits from University of Parris Island sales go directly to the Sgt. Mac Memorial Foundation a 501 ( c ) (3) non profit.


 We invite you browse our store. Semper Fi, John McColley, Cpl, 1968-1970